Masterplan greenfield Port development – Barnabé-Bagres, Santos, Brazil

Client: Arcadis
Period: 2008 – 2009
Masterplan greenfield port development

Port of Santos Brasil

Project description

The development of a port masterplan for a greenfield port in Santos, Brazil. The port will, amongst others, handle containers, sugar, grains, iron ores.

PCR services provided

  • Development of the landside aspects of the basic port layout for the 600 ha port area.
  • Determination of the required number of berths and land area for each type of commodity.
  • Brain storm session / multi-criteria analysis to select the final layout.
  • Development / arrangement of terminals (preparation of layout drawings, calculation of required space for stack / stockpile, roads, etc. and list of required equipment for cargo handling, transport and storage on the terminal).
  • Preparation of functional specifications of recommended key cargo handling equipment, such as conveyor belts, ship loaders and unloaders.


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