Dry bulk import/export terminal scan – Ukraine


Client: TIS Coal Period: 2016 Project description: The terminal scan is an evaluation of a terminal performance and capabilities in order to assist the terminal in adapting to the dynamic and competitive environment of the maritime logistics industry. The objective of the study was to identify performance, environmental, layout and institutional bottlenecks and opportunities, and […]

Coal import logistics for upstream powerplant – Bangladesh

Coal import logistics

A major investment group in Bangladesh awarded an assignment to African Waterways to provide advisory services for a desk study for the development of a dedicated coal logistic chain and transport related infrastructure (inland ports, a floating unloading system in deep sea, inland river navigation system etc.).

Cost benefit analysis logistics centre – Samsun, Turkey

cost benefit analysis for samsun logistics centre

Samsun Logistics Centre wanted to provide storage and logistics facilities in the Samsun region in Turkey (Black Sea). For this project a basis was made and PCR updated and transformed this into a feasibility study. This study includes financial and economic cost benefit analysis according to EU guidelines and the completion of the major project application form for IPA (Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance) funding.

Business case Maasvlakte 2 – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Port of Rotterdam expansion - MV2

The Port of Rotterdam is preparing the expansion of the Port by 20 percent. The 2,000 ha expansion costs 3 billion euro and is the biggest port development project in Europe. For that purpose a SPC is created. A management methodology had to be adopted (Prince 2) the content of the project had to be defined, staff needed to be hired/managed and budgets needed to be prepared.

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