Grain terminal feasibility study – Bulgaria

Grain terminal feasibility study

The grain terminal feasibility study comprises a 60.000 ton storage facility for grains with high capacity train and truck intake stations and travelling ship loader. The grain terminal is designed for 1 million ton of various grains of which about 80% is to be exported in a 5 month peak period. The silos will be loaded by train/truck from hinterland storage facilities a few days before vessel arrival.

Modjo dry port Development – Ethiopia

dry port development

Ethiopia is a landlocked country, thus lacking any sea ports. The government of Ethiopia has established the company Dry Port Service Enterprise (DPSE) for the development of dry ports in Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s first dry port development Modjo Dry Port, has started on a small scale end 2009, relieving the congested Djibouti.

Fertilizer and ammonia export facilities – Algeria

Fertilizer and ammonia export facilities, Algeria.

In 2011, the Urea and Ammonia plant in Arzew – Algeria – will become operational and will start with the export of about 0.8 million ton of anhydrous ammonia and 1.3 million ton of urea per year. The ammonia will be transported via a pipeline to Bethioua port and loaded in vessels. The urea will be transported from the production plant to the port using bulk trucks over a distance of about 11 km.

Extension Port of Tripoli – Lebanon

Extension of the Port of Tripoli

The construction of a 1200m quay wall, with some reclamation behind the quay wall, in the Port of Tripoli, in the north of Lebanon. In accordance with the masterplan (2009) for the Port, the quay will be used partly as a multi-purpose terminal (mostly dry bulk and general cargo), partly as a container terminal. The area behind the quay wall, including the required infrastructure and buildings, has been designed.

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