Intermodal transport study – Danube region, Romania

Client: European Gateways Platform.
Beneficiary: Archicom.
Period: Jan 2009 – June 2009.
Intermodal transport study Danube river

Intermodal transport study Danube river, Romania.

Project description:

Upgrade of the container barge transport system of the Danube river for which a concept for container transport on the river Danube has been developed. A market forecast of the container barge flows in Romania and the upstream countries has been made. Based on these forecasts the specifications of inland barge container terminals have been drawn up.

As part of the intermodal transport study the present inland port facilities  as well as the expansion plans along the Danube have been identified. Furthermore  new inland container terminals have been designed for the relevant port locations along the Danube. The two most promising locations have been selected and a phased development plan for each location has been specified.

PCR services provided:

  • Logistic concept development.
  • Definition of terminal specifications.
  • Site visit and site selection.
  • Lay-out design and development plans.


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