Quick Scan Sedimentation – Port of Harlingen, The Netherlands

Client: Municipality of Harlingen
Period: 2008 – 2008
Sedimentation in Port of Harlingen

Sedimentation in Port of Harlingen

Project description

Sedimentation in the Port of Harlingen is relatively high, causing maintenance dredging costs. Frequently the municipality of Harlingen, the dredging contractor, and local pilots have a different opinion on the actual water depth available in critical spots in the port area. The municipality commissioned a quick scan of the situation in Port of Harlingen, aiming at a proposal for the execution of a series of measurements of hydraulic, sedimentologic and dredging parameters. The situation is complex because of sediment-rich tidal flows, density currents, and discharge of floodwater from backwaters.

PCR services provided

  • Inventarization of existing data, with a summary of reports prepared earlier (by others).
  • Description of hydrodynamic system within the port, with influence from surrounding areas.
  • Assessment of maintenance dredging (as executed).
  • Proposal for adoption of nautical depth concept in the port.
  • Recommendations on port management.
  • Establish need for data collection, including proposal.


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