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Oil and gas

Port Notel preliminary design – Nigeria

Client: CDR Engineering Consultants Period: 2014 Project description: Port Notel [...]

LPG jetty and pipe corridor – Bonny River, Nigeria

Feasibility study for the construction of a jetty structure in the Bonny river for the unloading of cryogenic/pressurized LPG. The jetty had to be capable of handling vessels in the range of 5,000 to 50,000 DWT.

Project manager temporary floating port – Pemba, Mozambique

Implementation and realisation of a temporary floating Port to service Supply Vessels who handle cargo and materials between shore base and drilling rigs.

Dredging study – Hazira Port, India

Port Consultants Rotterdam conducted a dredging study for the Port of Hazira. The port of Hazira is primarily built for LNG facilities, and later expanded with a basin for a container terminal.

Design of masterplan expansion Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A Masterplan has been made for the staged flexible development up to the year 2035 of 1.000 hectares of port area dedicated to container handling (600 hectares), distribution facilities (200 hectares) and chemical industry (200 hectares).

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