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Coal import logistics for upstream powerplant – Bangladesh

A major investment group in Bangladesh awarded an assignment to African Waterways to provide advisory services for a desk study for the development of a dedicated coal logistic chain and transport related infrastructure (inland ports, a floating unloading system in deep sea, inland river navigation system etc.).

Strategic inland waterways plan – Brazil

The Brazilian Ministry of Transport (MT) started the project ‘Inland Waterways Strategic Plan’ (PHE) in July 2012 and wanted a Strategic Plan for Waterways. The aim: to increase the amount of cargo that is transported on the Brazilian waterways. The International Water Transport system in Brazil was analysed on the national and the regional level.

Logistic masterplan Maasvlakte 2, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Maasvlakte 2 is a 2.9 billion euro expansion in the Port of Rotterdam, resulting in an extra 1000 ha terminal area of 1.000 hectares dedicated to container handling (600 hectares), distribution facilities (200 hectares) and chemical industry (200 hectares). The total container hinterland transport volume will grow from the present 4,3 million TEU to nearly 20 million TEU annually. This increase will ask for a system change in the hinterland transport of the Port of Rotterdam. To facilitate this system change a Logistic Masterplan Maasvlakte 2 was developed in addition to the infrastructural and spatial masterplan.

Intermodal transport study – Danube region, Romania

The Danube river, through the Port of Constanta, has a geo-economic position similar to the Rhine river and the Port of Rotterdam. The Danube river acted as a key transport axis for all the countries bordering the river. This has been acknowledged through the inclusion of the river in the TEN-corridor (nr. VII). However, the civil wars in former Yugoslavia and the low economic situation and developments during the 1990s...

Feasibility study inland ports – Canal Seine Nord, France

The Canal Seine-Nord will connect the region of Paris (Île de France) to the agricultural areas in the North of France as well as to the seaports in Belgium and the Netherlands. The project is one of the most ambitious infrastructure development projects in Europe. Along the Canal four major inland ports (or Plateformes Multi-modales) will be developed. The objective of the study project was to investigate the financial feasibility...

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