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Greenfield Port Development – West Africa

This major port development project is a good example of the unique and complete package of port related consultancy services provided by PCR experts.

Modification ammonia export jetty – Bethioua, Algeria

PDG Sorfert Algerie was in the process of developing an ammonia production plant in the Port of Bethioua. The existing M1 jetty was designated to be used for loading vessels with liquid ammonia for export purposes. The existing maritime structures forming the berth such as the fender system, mooring dolphins and the loading platform were designed to accommodate large LNG-carriers of 125,000 DWT. However...

Quick Scan Sedimentation – Port of Harlingen, The Netherlands

Sedimentation in the Port of Harlingen is relatively high, causing high maintenance dredging costs. The municipality is eager to know what causes these high rates of sedimentation. A complex hydrodynamic system is present with sediment-rich tidal flows, density currents, and discharge of floodwater from backwaters. Frequently the municipality, the dredging contractor, and local pilots have a different opinion on the actual water depth available in critical spots in the port area. The municipality commissioned a quick scan of the situation in Port of Harlingen, aiming at a proposal for the execution of a series of measurements of hydraulic, sedimentologic and dredging parameters.

Masterplan Port West – Gujarat, India

A new greenfield Port West in the State of Gujarat would offer a real deepwater port for North West India. The Port of Rotterdam cooperates with an Indian partner in the study and investigations to develop this new port. An inventory has been made of all available data, study and survey results, while missing data has been identified and additional information collected.

Design of masterplan expansion Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A Masterplan has been made for the staged flexible development up to the year 2035 of 1.000 hectares of port area dedicated to container handling (600 hectares), distribution facilities (200 hectares) and chemical industry (200 hectares).