PPP structuring

PPP structuring

Review masterplan Sonadia deep sea port – Bangladesh

With increasing cargo volumes, the need for a deep sea port in Bangladesh is becoming more urgent and therefore the Government of Bangladesh wished to revive the Sonadia Deep Sea Port project. In 2006-2009 a masterplan was developed for this greenfield port. PCR was asked to review the masterplan and draft recommendations on actions to be taken to start the project of Sonadia Deep Sea Port development.

Commercial strategy Port of Cochin – India

In 2006 the 12 major ports in India were asked by the Indian Ports Association to submit a business plan for the next 6 years. These business plans should be based on a masterplan covering the coming 20 years.From an overall analysis of the present performance of the Port of Cochin it was concluded that the port is not primarily hampered by shortage of capacity but is suffering from commercial problems. Therefore a commercial strategy has been developed focusing on the following items...

Business case Maasvlakte 2 – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Port of Rotterdam is preparing the expansion of the Port by 20 percent. The 2,000 ha expansion costs 3 billion euro and is the biggest port development project in Europe. For that purpose a SPC is created. A management methodology had to be adopted (Prince 2) the content of the project had to be defined, staff needed to be hired/managed and budgets needed to be prepared.

Pre-accession project – Izmir, Turkey

In view of anticipated EU membership of Turkey the structure of the State Railway Company (TCDD), managing both railways and ports in Turkey, has to be brought in line with EU standards. Institutional change project with special emphasis on market positioning and maritime safety in the ports.

Negotiating port management contract – Port of Sohar, Oman

Contract negotiations between Port of Rotterdam and Ministry of Transport in Oman about the formation of a joint venture company which will manage the port and adjacent 2000ha industrial zone for the next 25 years. Contract has been closed. Involvement in organization structure, staffing, financial modeling and contract negotiations. Start-up of the management company.