Sokhna iron-oxide pellets import terminal – Egypt

EZZ Rolling Mills Co (ERM) is operating a flat-steel factory in the Suez Special Economic Zone near Sokhna Port (GSDC area). ERM intends to expand the factory with a DRI plant which will produce DRI from imported iron oxide pellets. Sokhna Port will be used to import the raw materials, therefore the development of an iron-oxide pellets import terminal is required.

Preliminary design of 25 grain silos – Egypt

The Egyptian Holding Company for Silos and Storage (EHCSS) in 2013 issued two tenders for the turnkey construction of in total 25 grain silos complexes in various Governorates, ranging from 30,000 ton to 90,000 ton storage capacities each. Orascom Construction Industries together with Materials Handling Consultants were pre-qualified to bid on these projects.

Various services for European Bulk Services (EBS) – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

European Bulk Services (EBS) operates a dry bulk terminal for intermediate storage of mineral bulk, agribulk and biomass products. The terminal has a total annual throughput of approximately. 8 million tons, and a total land area of 30ha.

Dry bulk and wood pellet warehouse – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Development of a new quay warehouse (referred to as the Phoenix Warehouse) for a wide variety of dry bulk products, equipped with a state of the art sliding roof and having a capacity of 35.000 tons

Port development El Sokhna – Egypt

In 1999 Sokhna Port Development Company (SPDC) and the Government of Egypt signed a BOT concession agreement for a period of 25 years for the design, construction and operation of the cargo terminals around the first basin of El Sokhna. El Sokhna Port was constructed as a new deep-sea port development, 45 km south of Suez on the Red Sea.