Dredging and marine works for ports and harbours are often large and expensive. Each location, environment and proposed development has it’s own characteristics which requires expert knowledge and experience of such works. Using the experience of PCR partners, optimal phasing, working methods and construction scheduling can be concluded with  realistic estimate of costs and duration of a project.

The experience of PCR partners on dredging contracts, tender procedures and commercial negotiations make it possible to assist Employers in the procurement process for dredging and marine works. Risks related to for instance soil conditions, weather delay, tolerances, losses, are pointed out and allocated during the contracting process.

During realization of dredging and marine works PCR can track contractor progress, and will raise signal flags in case performance, quality of work or compliance with milestones is in danger. The sooner any problem is noted, its consequences and/or remedies can be discussed, reducing the chance of evolving into a dispute or claim later on.

Maintenance dredging

Due to the extensive experience of the partners of PCR in the field of dredging works they are able to assess the maintenance dredging program. Dredging volumes, methods, contracts and costs are analyzed and appropriate solutions recommended to the Employer. Potential cost savings can often be found without jeopardizing port accessibility.

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Projects related to dredging and marine works: