port masterplan rotterdam port expansionThe recent expansion of the Port of Rotterdam culminated in the development of Maasvlakte 2, a 2.000 hectare reclamation in the North Sea. The Maasvlakte 2 is boosting the container capacity of the Port of Rotterdam from the present 15 million TEU to a potential 40 million TEU in 2030 and catering for the demand for expansion of the chemical/industry sector and the warehousing/distribution sector.

In the development of this mega project a number of small and specialized consultancy firms played a significant part, each adding its unique expertise and experience.

With the first phases of the ‘Maasvlakte 2’ project being realized, a number of these parties decided to co-operate to contain their experiences and knowledge, and to make the complementary expertise available to others. In November 2012 this resulted in the establishment of Port Consultants Rotterdam B.V.

 Port Consultants Rotterdam include:

  • Pharos Port Consultancy BV; Strategic development, market studies, master planning, hinterland connections, nautical advice, logistics

  • Blue Pelican Associates; Construction methods and planning, contracting, cost estimates, dredging and marine works, environmental studies, maintenance dredging

  • Em Pedra; Civil and geotechnical design, heavy duty pavements, costing, construction contracts, contract management and supervision

  • SPIN Consult; Port Infrastructure design, contracting, project management, port development consultancy

  • Eric van Drunen; Maritime and transport economy, economic and financial project evaluation, feasibility studies

  • Frank Maasson; Management of large and multi-disciplinary port and transport development projects, large transaction processes, Business case steering, PPP expert, privatization specialist