Client: Rotterdam Port Authority
Partners: Maasson, PwC, Maunsell India Ltd, MTBS
Project value: 705 million Euro
Period: Jan 2007 – Oct 2007
Master Plan Port West, Gujarat, India

Master Plan Port West, Gujarat, India

Project description

A new greenfield Port West in the State of Gujarat would offer a  deep water port for North West India.  The Rotterdam Port Authority cooperated with an Indian partner in the study and investigations to develop this new port.  An inventory has been made of all available data, study and survey results, while missing data had been identified and additional information collected.  The additional information concerned market developments and demand, hinterland connections (road and rail) and environmental conditions.

Market analyses has been performed in particular for coal and containerised cargoes, resulting in a cargo forecast. On basis of the forecast, preliminary masterplan alternatives have been made. Dredging and reclamation works, quay construction, terminal lay out,  terminal superstructure, equipment, institutional and organisation aspects were studied and preliminary cost estimates made.  Hinterland connections and environmental conditions have been important elements of investigations in this phase.  An outline financial model was prepared, while project risks were determined.

The outcome of the first phase of the project is a first assessment of the above subjects and provides an indication of the attractiveness and  drawbacks of the development of a new port at this site.

PCR services provided

  • Reviews and studies of available data.
  • Vessel and navigation analyses, determination access channel dimensions and dredging volumes.
  • Market analyses and preliminary cargo forecast.
  • Defining terminal requirements as quay wall lengths, storage areas, terminal equipment for the various scenarios.
  • Cost estimates of basic terminal requirements, operational and maintenance cost.
  • Study on rail and road connections to and from the hinterland.