Client: Ministry of Transport Turkey
Period: 2008 – 2010
Greenfield port feasibility study Fylios, Turkey

Site for the greenfield port development project.

Project Description:

In the framework of a national strategic masterplan, the Government of Turkey was seeking to develop a port at the Black Sea coast. This port development will serve the flow of cargoes to a substantial part of Turkey, including Ankara. Port Consultants Rotterdam is commissioned by the Turkish ministry of transport to perform a port feasibility study for this greenfield port development project.

Market analyses have been made and a cargo forecast prepared for a project horizon up to 2035. The cargo forecast has been translated into port and terminal requirements. The expected fleet mix has been established. The port and terminal requirements included the nautical infrastructure, the basic terminal infrastructure, equipment, superstructure, hinterland connections, ancillary facilities for warehousing/distribution and industrial activities. Alternative lay outs have been prepared, compared and evaluated. Cost estimates have been made and cost benefit analyses performed. Upon selection of the optimal lay out, detailed designs are being made of the basic port and terminal infrastructure. Environmental and institutional aspects are subjects of the port feasibility study as well.

PCR services provided:

  • Analysis on design vessels and fleet mix.
  • Site visits and analyses of present facilities, operations, services, procedures, productivity and organisation.
  • Defining terminal requirements as quay wall lengths, storage areas, terminal equipment, lay out for the various scenarios.
  • Cost estimates of basic terminal requirements.
  • Analysis on the present institutional situation of the Turkish port sector.