Client: Ecorys Nederland
Beneficiary: Havenbeheer Suriname NV
Period 2012 – 2013
Port Market study Nieuwe Haven Parimaribo

Port Market study Nieuwe Haven in Paramaribo, Suriname.

Project description:

Explore future opportunities for the port Nieuwe Haven in, Paramaribo as a point of entry for cargo generated in neighboring countries or as a container transshipment terminal.

A market analysis and competition study was commissioned by Havenbeheer Suriname, with the following elements

  • Cargo forecast for major commodities groups,
  • Conditions and opportunities for attracting cargo generated in Guyana, French Guyana and northern Brasil,
  • Competitive position versus other ports in the region such as Georgetown, Dégrad-des-Cannes and Port of Spain, in terms of maritime access, facilities, operations, and hinterland connections,
  • Analysis of the container liner network in the region with focus on types of ships employed and port calling patterns.

PCR services provided

  • Perform the trade & traffic forecast.
  • Analysis of potential transit cargo and hinterland routes.
  • Analysis of the port’s competitive position in the region.